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NMPreK & Early NMPreK

Our NMPreK & Early NMPreK classroom is full of energy and playful learning.  With many years’ experience, our teachers in the classroom are trained to provide an environment that is rich in learning.  Curriculum is built upon the interests of the children and molded to grow as their curiosity grows. 

New Mexico PreK is a state funded program that is free to our families.  In order to attend our New Mexico PreK program, your child must turn 4 before September 1st In order to attend our Early NMPreK, your child must turn 3 before September 1st of the current year.  of the current year. 

"The state-funded New Mexico PreK initiative was established in 2005 to provide center-based early education services to 4-year-olds across the state.  New Mexico PreK sites must submit proposals for competitive funding, and the state's Pre-Kindergarten Act, NMSA 1978 § 32A-23-6 (2005) calls for these proposals to be "…evaluated on the percentage and number of public elementary schools in the community that are not meeting the proficiency component required for calculating adequate yearly progress and that are serving children, at least sixty-six percent of whom live within the attendance zone of a Title 1 elementary school."  

-The Effects of New Mexico PreK Initiative on Young Children’s School Readiness

art class finger painting and crayons
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